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82% Mike Gravel
73% Chris Dodd
73% Dennis Kucinich
72% Bill Richardson
71% John Edwards
69% Joe Biden
67% Barack Obama
67% Hillary Clinton
44% Rudy Giuliani
38% Mike Huckabee
38% Ron Paul
38% John McCain
30% Tom Tancredo
29% Mitt Romney
22% Fred Thompson

2008 Presidential Candidate Matching Quiz
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by award-winning journalist, John Pilger. A must see, along with his
others, including Breaking the Silence & Palestine Is Still The Issue.

I highly recommend finding an hour & 1/2 to watch this.

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best. presentation. ever.

this is the man who turned me.

take the time to watch this.

- Jen

Go watch it over at google

you should also look into his books

The New Pearl Harbor

The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions And Distortions

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Excellent footage of Rainbow hippies overpowering the cops' attempt at a roadblock.
 Hilarious. Taken at this year's gathering north of Steamboat Springs in Colorado.

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began and did not terminate for 42 days

and 42 nights relentless minute after minute

more than 110,000 times

we bombed Iraq we bombed Baghdad

we bombed Basra/we bombed military

installations we bombed the National Museum

we bombed schools we bombed air raid

shelters we bombed water we bombed

electricity we bombed hospitals we

bombed streets we bombed highways

we bombed everything that moved/we

bombed everything that did not move we

bombed Baghdad

a city of 5.5 million human beings

we bombed radio towers we bombed

telephone poles we bombed mosques

we bombed runways we bombed tanks

we bombed trucks we bombed cars we bombed bridges

we bombed the darkness we bombed

the sunlight we bombed them and we

bombed them and we cluster bombed the citizens

of Iraq and we sulfur bombed the citizens of Iraq

and we napalm bombed the citizens of Iraq and we

complemented these bombings/ these "sorties" with

Tomahawk cruise missiles which we shot

repeatedly by the thousands upon thousands

into Iraq

(you understand an Iraqi Scud missile

is quote militarily insignificant unquote and we

do not mess around with insignificant)

so we used cruise missiles repeatedly

we fired them into Iraq

And I am not pleased

I am not very pleased

None of this fits into my notion of "things going very



The bombing of Baghdad

did not obliterate the distance or the time

between my body and the breath

of my beloved


This was Custer's Next-To-Last Stand

I hear Crazy Horse singing as he dies

I dedicate myself to learn that song

I hear that music in the moaning of the Arab world


Custer got accustomed to just doing his job

Pushing westward into glory

Making promises

Searching for the savages/their fragile

Temporary settlements

For raising children/dancing down the rain/and praying

For the mercy of a heard of buffalo

Custer/he pursued these savages

He attacked at dawn

He murdered the men/murdered the boys

He captured the women and converted

them (I'm sure)

to his religion

Oh, how gently did he bid his darling fiancée


How sweet the gaze her eyes bestowed upon her warrior!

Loaded with guns and gunpowder he embraced

the guts and gore of manifest white destiny

He pushed westward

to annihilate the savages

("Attack at dawn!")

and seize their territories

seize their women

seize their natural wealth


And I am cheering for the arrows

and the braves


And all who believed some must die

they were already dead

And all who believe only they possess

human being and therefore human rights

they no longer stood among the possibly humane

And all who believed that retaliation/revenge/defense

derive from God-given prerogative of white men

And all who believed that waging war is anything

beside terrorist activity in the first

place and in the last

And all who believed that F-15's/F-16's/"Apache"


B-52 bombers/smart bombs/dumb bombs/napalm/artillery/

battleships/nuclear warheads amount to anything other

than terrorist tools of a terrorist undertaking

And all who believed that holocaust means something

that happens only to white people

And all who believed that Desert Storm

signified anything besides the delivery of and American

holocaust against the peoples of the Middle East

All who believed these things

they were already dead

They no longer stood among the possibly humane

And this is for Crazy Horse singing as he dies

because I live inside his grave

And this is for the victims of the bombing of Baghdad

because the enemy traveled from my house

to blast your homeland

into pieces of children

into pieces of sand

And in the aftermath of carnage

perpetrated in my name

how should I dare to offer you my hand

how shall I negotiate the implications

of my shame?

My heart cannot confront

this death without relief

My soul will not control

this leaking of my grief

And this is for Crazy Horse singing as he dies

And here is my song of the living

who must sing against the dying

sing to join the living

with the dead

oh no....

Nov. 3rd, 2004 12:09 am
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Risa: god, i hate election time(jumping around and being nervous & such).

we should just have a monarchy. that would solve everything.

Jen: the bush monarchy??

Aissa,Chris,& Risa: GOD NO!!!

Jacque calling from her room: communism is the answer!! i will be your fascist dictator!!!!


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