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I. we came back to our homes broken,
weak in the limbs, mouths ravaged
plunged into mists by immaculate wings of swans
which wounded us.
In the winter nights the strong wind from the east maddened us.
In the summer we were lost in the agony of the day that wouldn't die.

II. once it was easy...
to give pleasure to the friends who still remain faithful to us.
the ropes have broken now; only their marks on the well's mouth
Remind us of our departed happiness:

III. It was falling into the dream as I rose from the dream
and so our lives grew one, hard now to be seperated.

I peer into the eyes, neither shur nor open,
I speak to the mouth, which is always trying to speak,
I hold the cheeks which have grown beyond the skin.
I can do no more.

my hands are lost, my hands come back to me,

and for the soul
if it is to know itself
it is into a soul
that it must look.
the stranger and the enemy, we have seen him in the mirror.

if it is to know itself, they used to say,
it is into a soul it must look, they used to say.

VI. You will not breath; the earth & the sap of the trees
will rush from your memory to beat upon
This pane of glass beaten upon by the rain
From the world outside

And who will lift this sorrow from our hearts?

IX. if I wished to stay by myself, I desired to find
solitude, I did not desire such endless waiting,
the scattering of my soul to the horizon,
these lines, these colours, this silence.

X. on Sundays down to the harbor for a breath of air,
we see, lit by the sunset,
the broken timbers of unfinished journeys,
Bodies that know no longer how to love.

XI.  your blood froze sometimes like the moon.


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